School Business Manager Tutor

Job Description

Job Title: School Business Manager Tutor
Location: Remote
Package: £30-34k

This is one of those roles where we will happily speak to experienced educators already delivering this qualification, or people who have what we call ‘Occupational experience’ (This means you’ve been doing the job where you can now train people to do the same) and are looking for a change in career, looking to get in to the Apprenticeship market.

The business are fast becoming one of the leading training providers in Education and Learning Apprenticeships. Their core is delivering programmes into Schools, Academy Trusts and other educational institutes.

Having started as a small provider in London, they are now national, with multiple funding streams and are consistently in the top 5 Training providers in the country.

If you already have experience with this programme, or similar then I know you’ll know the role, and what’s included, so please get in touch if you wish to explore this further

For those of you reading who may not have worked in the Apprenticeship sector yet, then please read on.

The ‘Occupational Experience’ we’re looking for in this role, in order for someone to deliver this programme is; if you’ve worked in a school and other form of educational institute (Multi Academy trusts, colleges etc) in roles such as Schools Business Manager, Officer Manager, Payroll or HR Manager, then something of this sort would be brilliant.

So what does Apprenticeship Tutoring/Coaching look like?

First of all, it’s not standing at the front of a classroom or group and ‘delivering knowledge based training’. There is knowledge based coaching of course, but Apprenticeships are vocational learning so the bigger part of your job is to make sure your ‘learners’ (jargon for students) are applying said knowledge, and putting it into practice in their work place.

Typically, you will manage a caseload of 30-40 learners, although you will gradually come up to this level once fully training. The majority of the learning is done in 1-2-1 sessions, or in smaller groups/workshop type sessions.

This is delivered predominantly remote via online platforms such as MS Teams – although some delivery models at different employers allow for workplace visits.

In a sentence, your role is to – deliver the knowledge required to do the role, and then coach the learner to put these skills and behaviours in to their workplace, and then collect the evidence in a portfolio of them achieving this.

There is obviously far more that goes in to it, but I can discuss this in more detail with you.

If there’s enough info here that peeks your interest, then please apply and we will get a conversation arranged.