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The asphaleia mission is simple - to impact as many lives of children and young people who have experienced disadvantage as we can. We believe it is a simple, but very powerful mission that drives forward every aspect of our delivery and ensures we place children and young people at the heart of everything we do.

We aim to deliver our mission by:

Delivering a diverse range of services to children and young people that contribute significantly to their development and well being in various regions
Providing support services to the organisations that work with children and young people
Creating new services
Creating and delivering additional charitable projects that deliver innovative, action based services to children and young people
Our values are summed up by three simple principles and these, when in action, create the asphaleia way of doing things. When working with children and young people, other professionals or colleagues we believe service and co-operation can only begin to be achieved to a high standard by considering the world of others. However, we believe it is not enough to solely believe the world of others matters - this is only a starting place. The asphaleia group believe in demonstrating our value of those we deliver services to, those who pay for our services and those we work with in every possible way.

Finally, we believe we should aim to do everything well. We realise excellence is a journey and not a finitely achievable thing. Therefore even when we have done something well we should then aim to do it even better!

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