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The amalgamation of Bolton Training Group and CLEEA Training in 2001 produced an independent training provider with a reputation for quality and commitment. At Alliance Learning we work closely with employers to ensure that training and development plans are at the heart of achieving success.

Alliance Learning is a Registered Charity and as an Investor in People company believes in the continuous professional development of staff to ensure that specialist skills keep pace with innovation and technology.

Our Equality & Diversity Policy
Alliance Learning recognise the need for an Equality and Diversity Policy to ensure that there is no unlawful discrimination and that Equality and Diversity irrespective of age, race, sex, marital status, nationality, disability, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or ethnic origin is continually available. The policy concerns all matters related to Employment, Training, Sub-contractors, other training providers and potential learners.
The active promotion of this policy is specifically directed at developing a positive attitude to promoting Equality and Diversity in employment and training regardless of age, race, sex, colour, creed, disability, ethnic or national origin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or marital status. If you require any further information on any Equality and Diversity issues please do not hesitate to contact us on 01204 696744.

Our Philosophy
At Alliance Learning we believe in Success Through Learning and develop our courses to make tangible differences to employees and organisations, encouraging continual improvement and professional development for the individual.

Our People
At Alliance Learning we draw upon the expertise of our very own highly qualified practitioners who have a wealth of experience across a wide range of industries. Support is offered for organisations seeking to up-skill or re-skill the workforce and we can support individual learners who wish to improve their skills, knowledge, qualifications and employability.

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