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The role of the IQA is to make informed judgements relating to the practice of / decisions made by the assessors in order to maintain quality standards. 

Internal Verifiers / IQAs are appointed to monitor training provision in order to ensure quality standards are maintained and to provide training and support to Advisors ensuring effective management of the Internal Verification System to meet the standards of the relevant awarding bodies.

Duties of an Internal Verifier (IV) or Internal Quality Assurer (IQA)usually include monitoring the quality of designated provision, maintaining the sector self assessment and quality improvement plan, quality monitoring, managing the efficiency of the framework/programme, creating and maintaining records and reports and ensuring that all necessary documentation required by the Awarding Bodies is completed accurately and on time to maximise all funding opportunities for the training provider organisation.

Internal Verifiers (IVs) or Internal Quality Assurers (IQAa) also facilitate EV (External Verifier) visits and cascade awarding body, sector skills and QCA information. Other tasks may include identifying and developing appropriate learning resources and supporting / motivating Training Advisors / NVQ Assessors to maintain employer involvement throughout the learners programme

To work as an IV or IQA you will usually need the following qualifications - D32, D33, D36, A1/2, Health & safety in the workplace, D34, V1and  key skills at level 2.

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