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So what are academies?

Academies are essentially independent schools that can benefit from increased freedoms to be able to innovate and raise their standards. These freedoms include:

  • being free from local authority control;
  • having the ability to set their own pay and conditions for staff;
  • having greater freedoms around the delivery of the curriculum
  • the ability to change the lengths of terms and school days.
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In England, an academy is a school that is directly funded by central government (the Department for Education) and which is independent of direct control by local government in England.

An academy may receive additional support from personal or corporate sponsors, either financially or in kind, and must meet the National Curriculum core subject requirements and are subject to inspection by Ofsted.

Academies are self-governing and most are constituted as registered charities or operated by other educational charities. Most are secondary schools, for pupils aged 11 to 16, but some cater for children from nursery age upwards, for children aged 4 and upwards. All academies have a curriculum specialism within the English Specialist Schools Programme (SSP).